High-tech taxi firm ready for 21st century

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The transport industry has changed drastically in the last twenty years with the changes in technology and 001 Taxis are no exception. There are so many ways that you can book a taxi that just did not exist years ago.You can still call us by phone at any time day or night. Our call centre is in Oxford and our staff are very experienced. But with the advent of the smart phone, the booking experience is enhanced. Passengers can receive text confirmations when they book, when the driver is on their way and when they have arrived. We can give details of the vehicle and the name of the driver. 

Using the latest technology to make booking a taxi simple.

In addition, passengers can download our app for their smart phone (android or iPhone). You can track the driver and receive a confirmation of the fare as well as a receipt sent by e-mail.
You can also book a taxi via our website and prepay as well. You will get a booking confirmation, a payment receipt and a map of the route. Or if you prefer, you can send us an e-mail with you booking requirements.

In addition to our website, you find out more about us and get in touch via Facebook and Twitter a well as e-mail. A recent innovation we are making full use is the Taxi Butler. This is a small, simple looking device that is packed with some sophisticated technology. Simply push the button and it will book a taxi and will send it to your location. You will find this located in many of Oxford’s hotels and hospitals and being rolled to other places.

The days of calling drivers on the radio are over. Our drivers use smart phones which give them details of the bookings. We can track our drivers and can communicate with several drivers at once and send immediate information. We can send warnings about traffic to all drivers as soon as we receive it.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service and make the most of the emerging technology as we aim to be at the forefront of providing a taxi service for the 21st century that serves the people of Oxford, Oxfordshire and beyond.


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